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In an unbelievable move that we have not seen in 13 years, the Visa Bulletin has made a large jump forward in the Employment Based (EB) categories, especially the third preference category for India (EB- 3). What this means is that approximately five years of EB cases that the MLF has prepared have become current at one time starting on October 1, 2020 for at least one month. All of these cases need to be prepared and filed to the USCIS. While it is possible the Department of State (who control the Visa Bulletin) and the USCIS will extend that time into November and beyond, there is no way to know for certain and so MLF must prioritize these cases as mandatory government deadlines needing to be filed by the end of October 2020, a little over four weeks from today. Keeping this in mind, we ask our existing clients without mandatory government deadlines to be patient with us as we navigate this urgent and time sensitive situation to ensure that we can take care of everyone and meet all the deadlines. This means MLF cases without government-mandated deadlines will be experiencing delays until we get through the month of October. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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